Bangor police seeing an increase in car burglaries

8:21 PM, Aug 27, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Bangor Police are reminding people to lock their car doors at night in response to a significant increase of vehicle burglaries within the last month.

Since August 1st police have responded to 62 motor vehicle burglaries. The common factor being that the thieves are looking for valuable items to steel from cars left unlocked overnight. It's happening mostly in Bangor's East Side Neighborhoods off State Street. That's where Kate Jurson fell victim to a car theft over the weekend while she was away on a family vacation.

"I was mad that they went through my vehicle and decided to take whatever they pleased," said Jurson.

Police are advising everyone to keep car doors locked at night and to make sure no valuables are in site. They are also asking people to report any suspicious activity they see to police.

"They grab what they can and take off," said Lt. Paul Edwards. "It's literally within a half a minute they're done and they'll just go up and down the streets and do this continuously all night long."

If you do have anything valuable in your vehicles, be sure to either record serial numbers, photograph it, or mark it somehow to make stolen items easily identifiable if they are recovered.



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