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Bill Green's Maine in HD
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Show #2013-14

Original airdate: August 10, 2013

Due to rights restrictions not all of this weeks show can be posted online.

This week's blog written by Bill Green:

Jonathan Trappe is in Caribou awaiting the right weather conditions to attempt a trans-Atlantic crossing by cluster balloon. Trappe, as he likes to be called, is an intelligent and charming man with a mind of his own. He has developed cluster ballooning to the point where he is able to make this attempt. Someday soon, 50 County residents will come together to help Trappe put the system together.
He will then launch out of Caribou hoping to make it to Europe. "Paris is the pearl," he says in terms of a hope for learning site, "but, I'll take any firm ground on the other side of the ocean."
Jonathan Trappe is a very special human being with a very good chance of making this crossing. The first crossing by balloon began 35 years ago this Sunday. Ben Abruzzo, Maxie Anderson and Larry Newman began their trip from Presque Isle on August 11, 1978 and landed in Miserey, near Paris on August 17.
Here's more information about Trappe and you can see more video of him on You Tube.

There are more than 25,000 camp sites and accommodations in Maine. When they are full campers would comprise the fourth largest community in Maine behind Portland, Lewiston and Bangor. The Maine Campground Owners Association recognizes more than 200 campgrounds. We chose Papoose Pond because of the diversity of experiences that it offers.
If you would like to know more about this fun family experience, just click on the link below.

Old Orchard Beach 10-Mile "Marathon"
Seventy-five years ago, they held a major road race at Old Orchard Beach. The Old Orchard Beach 10-Mile Marathon was held for three years. It would attract four Boston Marathon Champions who would amass fourteen Boston Marathon titles. The race in OOB was a classic won by the great Tarzan Brown of Rhode Island. One of the greatest comedians of the Golden Age of Radio, Fred Allen was on hand to emcee the event. It was carried live by WGAN radio which had signed on just a week before. A press account anticipated that 50,000 would turn out for the event. Judging from the photographs, that estimate was extremely high. Still a big crowd did turn out to see these outstanding runners compete.

Sequin Light
This is a great story about Seguin. There is a tram there to carry cargo to the top of a pretty good sized hill. The walk would be a quarter of a mile. Back in '49 the tram cut loose and headed down the mountain at fifty miles an hour. Joyce Irvine and her daughter Milli were on the tram. As it raced down the hill, Joyce tossed Millie out as gently as she could! Sixty-four years later, Milli returned to the island to learn more and tell about the tale. Seguin is a great place to visit and The Friends of Seguin Island Light (FOSIL) welcome overnight guests.
For more information, click on the link below.



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