Disc golf popularity on the rise in Maine

7:20 PM, Jul 25, 2013   |    comments
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ORRINGTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Tee times and golf cart returns could turn into an expensive day. Luckily there's a cheap alternative in a sport that is booming in popularity. A sport that combines the classic game of frisbee with ball golf to make what's known as disc golf.

"I see it being a lot like ball golf and you got pretty much a course in every town its going to start slowly and develop into that theres going to be courses pretty much in your local areas theres going to be a course," said D.R. Disc Golf Pro Head Matt Enman.  

The first disc golf course in Maine was built in the 1970s. The second, in 1995. Now there are 50 courses in the Pine Tree state.  

"It's growing you go down to southern Maine and everyone you talk to has at least played it a couple times down in the portland area," said Enman.

"It's addicting I love it once you get used to it as long as you're not hanging out in the trees too much," said Mason Tripp, a recreational disc golfer.

Easier said than done. D.R. Disc Golf in Orrington features almost all of its holes in the woods, with a second set of 18 holes to open soon. The course gives players the chance to enjoy nature at the same time.  

"Perfect. You get to be outside on a day like today where its actually 75 and cool with a breeze and not 95 and humid," said Tripp.  

D.R. Disc Golf even keeps track of every players scores and calculates their handicap.  

"It kind of addicts people even more they want to shoot better scores and keep track of all their scores they do handicap tournaments and that really helps the addiction with that too just like some people come out and shoot casual and some people take it more serious too," said Enman.  

Within in the near future, they hope to reach out to local high school Athletic Directors to try and make disc golf a varsity sport.  

"The more legit people take it the more legit of a sport it will be it is growing it just depends how serious people want to take it just bring it to the next level comparing it to regular golf," said Enman.  

If everyone takes it as serious as they do at DR Disc Golf, it will be added to schools in no time.

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