Flock of 60 lovebirds looking for new homes

6:41 PM, Jul 24, 2013   |    comments
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STRATHAM, New Hampshire (NEWS CENTER) -- A flock of lovebirds has been surrendered to an animal shelter in New Hampshire in an unusual case of animal negligence.

The lovebirds bred sporadically in a home and with about 60 birds, the owner became overwhelmed.

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"The original start of this was two lovebirds adopted from us a number of years ago," says Sue Harrington of New Hampshire Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (N.H. SPCA). "And then more were added from elsewhere."

Harrington says then the breeding started. "It wasn't until we went in and started to capture and cage the birds that we counted them and realized at that time we had taken 52."

The shelter has since recovered 8 more birds. "The room had a lot of stuff in it, so the birds had lots of places to hide and build nests."

According to Harrington, the N.H. SPCA has received donations in terms of toys, cages, and food for the birds. However, Harrington said, the shelter is in need of financial support to help test the birds' genders to prevent further reproduction within the flock.

In the meantime, staff at the N.H. SPCA have become temporary foster parents for the birds, and their offices -- temporary homes.

"Our offices have become an aviary," says Harrington.

Adoption applications for the lovebirds are being accepted and will be reviewed when the birds have been vetted, and acclimated to caged life.

Those who want to help can go to the N.H. SPCA donation page and contribute to the general fund for the lovebirds.

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