If you think today is hot, you'll hate tomorrow

12:36 PM, Jul 18, 2013   |    comments
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This has been a pretty moody summer so far. Ancedotally we've been living in one of two worlds: The rainy, socked in, cloudy world OR the blowtorch, 92 F, super humid world...there hasn't been much middle ground.

I don't need to tell you what world we living in right now; and we are about to kick the heat up a notch for Friday.

Today: Most of the state is "warm", but only southwestern Maine can be characterized as truly "hot". Readings are hovering in the low 80s along the coastline due to a bit of an ocean influence; taking the edge of the high humidity while northern Maine deals with a generally less humid and more comfortable airmass to begin with. Some cumulus clouds are already beginning to billow up over the mountains and there will be a chance for some isolated thunderstorms later this afternoon. The atmosphere is somewhat "capped" (a term used in the meteorological world when there is a certain inertia to developing thunderstorms) but IF thunderstorms develop a few could be on the severe side. In short, I will babysit the radar for you today and let you know if anything looks nasty.

Tonight: A few thunderstorms will continue to roam the state this evening, but most of us will end up partly cloudy and very muggy. Temperatures will stay in the 70s most of the evening and dew points will remain in the mid to upper 60s.

Friday: The mid level temperature signature is BRUTALLY hot tomorrow. Like Jessica-Alba-circa-"Into-the-Blue" hot. South of Bangor look for mostly sunny skies, high humidity and temperatures consistently in the low 90s with some areas of 96-98 F possible over interior central and western Maine. Even along the southern coast temperatures could hit 93-94 F if winds can remain offshore (which I believe they will). Overall we will go from "it's really hot" to "it's dangerously hot" so be careful if you are outside for extended periods of time. North of Bangor it will be a different game with some morning cloud cover and temperatures ending up in the 86-89 F range...still hot but not HOOOTTTT. Some afternoon thunderstorms will once again be possible with some heavy downpours.

A cold front will finally swing through on Saturday but will likely provide the focus for some severe thunderstorms. Whenever you clash a hot, humid airmass against a cooler, drier one...you might have problems. I'd pencil the storms in for early afternoon through evening and I anticipate some damaging winds.

On the other side of the front will be very refreshing air for Sunday. Look for mostly sunny skies, temperatures in the mid 70s and much lower humidity.

Ok, I'm out.



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