Livermore Falls could vote to leave Androscoggin County

5:41 PM, Jul 10, 2013   |    comments
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LIVERMORE FALLS, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Life in Livermore Falls means a lot of trips over county lines.

While the town belongs to Androscoggin County, it sits on the border of Androscoggin and Franklin County.

It's in Franklin County where Livermore Falls residents can find their school department and closest bank, credit union, and hospital.

Those are some of the reasons Republican Representative Gary Knight sponsored a bill to allow Livermore Falls voters to decide if they wanted to leave Androscoggin to become a part of Franklin County.

After a last minute vote on Tuesday, the Legislature passed Rep. Knight's bill.

Rep. Knight said he thinks it will be on the ballot for Franklin and Androscoggin County voters in 2014.

Some members of the House, including Lewiston's Democratic Representative Mike Carey, spoke out against the bill, saying Androscoggin County would hurt if it lost Livermore Falls' $160,000 tax base and more than $30,000 in dispatch service fees.

According to Town Manager Kristal Flagg, Livermore Falls would stand to save money from the move.

Currently, police in Livermore Falls have to transport inmates to and from Lewiston/Auburn by a 40-45 minute car ride.

She said driving to the courthouse and jail in Franklin County would cut that trip in half, and save the town a potential $50,000 each year.


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