Even hotter today

7:44 AM, Jul 5, 2013   |    comments
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I had two ill fated ideas yesterday: 1) Go to the beach at 1 PM on the 4th of July when it's 90 F #trafficjamFTL 2) Go to bed at 8 PM despite living within 1 mile of a major fireworks display that begins at 9 #earplugsFTW. (To be fair I had to get up at 2 AM this morning for work. Also, I was able to get my man-tan on despite the traffic).

That being said, what a fantastic summer day. And if you liked yesterday, you'll love today...it will be almost a carbon copy.

Today: When I came in this morning at 3:30 AM the temperature in Portland was 77 F. You don't see that too often. Our mild overnight lows have set the stage for a day that will actually be a bit HOTTER than yesterday. Look for highs to top out in the low 90s in most spots with some mid 90s possible over southwestern Maine and New Hampshire. Even usual cool spots like Bar Harbor will have a shot to get into the upper 80s as the wind will be out of the west this time, eliminating the sea breeze. Sky cover wise it will be mostly sunny through the majority of the day with just a few pop up thunderstorms in the afternoon. The dynamics are pretty weak however, so I'd put the chance of a thunderstorm at 10-15% for most of the state. Great beach day, although perhaps borderline TOO hot given the lack of a sea breeze. Humidity will remain very high with dew points in the "oppressive" range.

Tonight: Any isolated thunderstorms will fizzle by 10 PM, after that look for partly cloudy skies. Fog will develop by the early morning hours and temperatures won't drop below 70 F in most locations.

Saturday: There are some hints in the computer models that a little low level cloud cover will start our weekend. (Moisture trapped close to the surface) That should be short lived, however, and Saturday will break into a mixture of sun and clouds. There will definitely be more cloud cover around when compared to Friday, but it shouldn't prove much of a determent. Showers and thunderstorms will pop up in the afternoon; with the chances of precipitation this time around more in the 30 % range. Highs will stay in the upper 80s along the coastline and around 90 F inland.

Sunday: See Saturday. Probably a TAD more total sunshine with less morning cloud cover.

A cold front will swing through on Monday and cool us down. It won't be SUPER drastic, dropping temperatures in the low 80s in most spots, but it will definitely take the edge of the heat. Also showers will be likely as the front moves through.

We may warm back up a bit on Wednesday/Thursday before "troughing out" for next weekend.




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