Golf cart joyriders vandalize South Portland fields

9:53 AM, Jul 4, 2013   |    comments
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SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- South Portland Police are calling it a prank that went too far.

PHOTOS: Golf cart and field damage

They believe a group of high schoolers broke in to the Wainwright Fields, off of Highland Avenue, on the night of June 16th.

Police say they took eight golf carts for joyrides, and caused between $10-20 thousand in damages by breaking poles, batting cages, back stops, and leaving behind cans of beer.

The vandals may have left behind all of that damage, but they did return the golf carts to the storage facility, right where they found them.

"What you left there in perfect condition the night before has been ironically placed almost in the exact same position it was there, but now it's completely damaged," said Rick Towle, South Portland Parks and Recreation Director.

South Portland Police are still looking for those responsible, and would prefer for them to come forward.

"Law enforcement has some discretion...and we're not out to get anybody here, but somebody has to be held responsible," said Sgt. Steve Webster.

"They did cross a line, and it would be a lot easier for those who did make this mistake to come foward and tell us," said Sgt. Webster.

He said anyone with information can call 207-799-5511, or leave an anonymous tip at 207-347-4100, or email




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