Runners compete in international marathon

7:06 PM, Jun 23, 2013   |    comments
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LUBEC, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Running to Canada and back sounds pretty intimidating -- depending on where the starting line is.

Racers filled the streets in Lubec today for the first ever Bay of Fundy international marathon on a route that crossed the border into Canada and then back to the United States to cross the finish line.

"I feel great! I feel fantastic!," said Jessica Manos-Brown.  

That was the common reaction as runners crossed the finish line at the first Bay of Fundy International Marathon and 10K.    

"They've gone six miles in Lubec and 20 miles of a very hilly Campobello," said Race Founder Katherine Cassidy.    

"Very challenging, hilly but well worth the challenge," said Sarah Mulcahy.    

Sarah Mulcahy was the first woman to cross the finish line, winning her first marathon. A race that was a collaborative effort in the works for about a year.        

"This has really been everybody's event. We have more than 100 volunteers, we have an amazing race director and an organizing committee of about 16 people that have been working together for about a year to make this happen," said Cassidy.    

Bringing the community together as they packed School Street, providing additional motivation for the runners    

"It was awesome everybody was cheering you on every step of the way which was pretty darn good," said Mulcahy.      

"Listen! Do you hear it? Everyone's excited for everybody it's perfect, it's a great day even though it seems a little cool for the racers that's great," said Joellen Kelley as she watched runners cross the finish line.    

More than 500 runners competed in the cross-border marathon. The unique route played a key role in the race's success.    

"I think it's a draw for a lot of people including myself. It was nice having a Canadian-American marathon. It's very rare I think there is maybe one or two in the whole country like that so it was nice being a part of it," said Robert Ashby.    

"I think we will do this again! We are trying to make this unique to downeast Maine and Campobello," said Cassidy.    

And if you were wondering about border patrol....    

"They had their passports cleared months in advance. There were multiple meetings with both border agencies Canada and the U.S.," said Cassidy.    

Which saved these marathoners time in a competition where every second counts.

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