Mountain View superintendent focuses on a family approach

5:14 PM, Jun 14, 2013   |    comments
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CHARLESTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- Juveniles find themselves in Mountainview Correctional Center after a few wrong turns. It is up to the staff to get them back on the right track. The new superintendent is no stranger to the correctional department, he has worked with both adults and juveniles.

The end goal is the same, get the offenders ready for reintegration into society and make sure they do not find themselves back behind bars.

Newly appointed superintendent Jeffrey Morin said, "Re-entry is the ultimate goal. Every single one of these kids is going to be back in our community. They are going to be our neighbors...So trying to get them re-engaged in education and trying to get them focused on the positive things in their life."

According to Morin, many juvenile offenders come into the development center without normal childhood experiences. The staff offers them a chance to experience these things such as fishing trips, golf outings, and educational programs.

"We try to get them introduced to some of these pro-social activities, things that they can do with their peers that don't involve drugs or alcohol and delinquency," said Morin.

The juveniles, however, have to earn these privileges by attending treatment groups and showing that they are learning some of those skills.

A family man himself, Morin treats Mountain View's halls like his own home and the juveniles like family.

"We treat each other like family and like any family you're going to struggle and you'll have to work through your problems and those types of things," said Morin.

According to Morin, although juvenile arrests and summons were slightly up last year through the programs they are seeing less re-offenders return to the facility.    

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