Bangor city council passes new rules to curb 'aggressive' panhandling

7:34 PM, Jun 11, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Business owners in downtown Bangor say that it is common for people to walk the streets looking for money. Yet leaders in the city say in some cases panhandlers have been acting too aggressive.

The Bangor City Council passed new rules at its meeting Monday night to curb what they say is 'invasive panhandling.' Members say they have heard complaints about people being followed, blocked or even threatened by panhandlers on city streets.

The new rules would outlaw panhandlers from doing that in Bangor. They also can no longer touch people, signal to people riding in cars or stop a vehicle to ask for money.

"There's no question when people started to collect too much in pun intended but when they really started to be invasive with their panhandling that something needed to be done," said city councilor David Nealley, who was one of seven councilors that voted in favor of the new rules.

The Bangor Police department says if a panhandler doesn't obey the new rules they can face a court summons or even be arressted for disorderly conduct if the situation calls for it.

The new rules will take effect in Bangor in the coming weeks.


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