Nubble Light loses power

5:11 PM, Jun 14, 2013   |    comments
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YORK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - A famous part of the Maine coastline is without power. The Nubble Lighthouse, a very popular tourist attraction in York, has gone dark.

Surrounded by the rugged rocky shoreline and crashing waves it is one of the most photographed lighthouses in the country. After a long winter the battered lines that bring electricity from the mainland to the island gave way. To save money and bring new technology to the lighthouse, the Coast Guard is proposing to put in a solar powered system to run the navigational light.

"By solarizing we're doing it a little bit cleaner, a little bit greener for the mariner, But also for the community" said Rob Lehmann of the USCG Aids and Navigation.

 That would do away with the need to provide electricity to the island. But that plan would leave the town in the dark when it comes to lighting up the island for it's annual Christmas in July celebration and it's traditional holiday festival in December.

"Part of our problem with this is logistics. The lighthouse is located on an island 300-yards off the mainland. So setting poles and running lines is a lot more complicated than it would be on the mainland", said Mike Sullivan of York Parks and Rec.

The cost of restoring the lines and power to the island is estimated to be about 30-thousand dollars. Sullivan says he's confident something can be put together to get power to the island for the July 28th lighting of Nubble and Christmas in July. But he says the town will have to work out a permanent power solution for the month long December event.


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