In The Arena: Eves & Fredette

3:45 PM, May 24, 2013   |    comments
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(NEWS CENTER) Now that the governor has vetoed the bill combining hospital debt repayment with Medicaid expansion, lawmakers must decide what to do next. Speaker of the House Mark Eves and House Minority Leader Ken Fredette go In The Arena with Pat Callaghan.

Speaker Eves says Democrats are urging Mainers to contact their Republican legilators and urge them to vote to override the veto. Rep. Fredette does not expect that effort to succeed.

Eves & Fredette also talk about whether hard feelings over the hospital bill threaten chances for passing a budget, and whether new taxes will be part of that budget.

They also discuss Gov. Paul LePage's claims that his free speech rights are being infringed by Democrats, the fate of new gun control measures, the "Gang of 11" tax reform plan, and whether the people of Maine are being "played for patsies" as Gov. LePage claims.

Part 1 focuses on the combined hospital debt / Medicaid expansion bill passed Thursday and vetoed by the governor.

In part 2, the leaders talk about the prospects for a bipartisan budget and whether a tax increase will be part of it. Speaker Eves argues that passing Medicaid expansion will reduce the need for a tax increase by lowering the state's Human Services spending. Both men say the parties have to work together on that.

Part 3 includes a discussion of the failure of lawmakers in most cases to override vetoes from Gov. LePage, even on issues that initially passed with bipartisan support.

Part 4 focuses on Gov. LePage's efforts to testify before the Appropriations Committee, and his claims that Democrats are trying to censor him.

In Part 5, Fredette and Eves talk about why the so-called Gang of 11 tax reform plan is "Not ready for prime time."



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