Coastal Humane Society deals with more abandoned cats

5:47 PM, May 23, 2013   |    comments
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Abandoned kittens found in Hollis, Courtesy Coastal Humane Society

BRUNSWICK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --  The Coastal Humane Society in Brunswick has taken on more abandoned cats.  

Two weeks ago, thirteen cats and kittens were found abandoned in a plastic tote near a gravel pit in Freeport.  A woman who found them took them to the Coastal Humane Society to recover.

Since then, three of the kittens have been adopted, and officials said it will be another few weeks before the others are ready.

However, just last week, seven more abandoned cats were discovered in a cardboard box at a construction site in Hollis. They were found by a maintenance worker on his way to work, and he took them to the humane society to be treated.  The cats are now spending time in foster homes.

The humane society said the spring season is typically a time when kittens are born in large numbers, and many end up being abandoned because their owners are overwhelmed.  That poses a significant concern for humane society employees and volunteers.

"A lot of times these cats or baby kittens will spend the night outside with no shelter," Community Relations Manager Lisa Smith said.  "They can't protect their body temperature.  It's unpredictable, the temperature and the climate in Maine as well as the rain."

Smith said the humane society in Brunswick can waive fees for people who surrender their kittens, and she encourages people who find abandoned kittens to bring them to their location in Brunswick.

For more information about adopting a pet or surrendering animals, click here.


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