MTA Board: Tolls not changing for EZ Pass users

12:45 PM, May 23, 2013   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Tolls will not be changing for EZ-Pass customers at the end of next month after all.

The Maine Turnpike Authority's board has voted to keep the current volume discount system for EZ-Pass users in tact. Under the system, people who use their EZ-Pass at least 30 times a month get an additional 25 percent discount off the EZ-Pass price. Those who use it more than 39 times a month get a 50 percent discount.

The turnpike had considered lowering those discounts after June -- but revenues are ahead of where they predicted. Executive Director Peter Mills also says the turnpike authority also is barely getting any complaints about this system now. When it first started -- there was an uproar from commuters who were upset that they could no longer pay a quarterly fee for unlimited use of the turnpike.

Under the old system, 22,000 commuters received discounts. 37,000 EZ-Pass users have received the new volume discounts since November. Mills also says there are no plans to raise tolls further on the Turnpike.

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