Weather This Week? Murky!

4:06 AM, May 20, 2013   |    comments
Steve McKay
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Not a great week if you're hoping to mow your grass in dry conditions! I like to keep our lawn neat and trim-it will be hard to do that this week, since mowing conditions will be rather damp for much of the week. Why? An area of low pressure, along with a frontal boundary which is going to be hanging around for the next several days. The exact placement of the front each day will determine what kind of weather to expect for your location. For example, on Tuesday northernmost Maine will experience the brightest sky, since the frontal boundary will be positioned to the south. That front will slide a bit to the north by Wednesday, so everyone will experience considerable cloud cover with showers expected.

In the meantime, today will bring some fairly warm conditions in southern counties (again, due to the position of the warm front) with cooler temperatures across northernmost Maine.

Looking ahead to that all-important Memorial Day early look reveal dry, but cool conditions.

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