West wind FTW, plus a good looking weekend

12:44 PM, May 16, 2013   |    comments
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If you follow my blog (just humor me ok?) you know I've previously made the case that warmest days in Portland often come AFTER a cold front moves through. Why? The west wind. A west wind kicks in following a cold frontal passage and is strong enough to fight back the naturally occurring spring sea breeze that tends to crush dreams of coastal warmth. If the cold air behind the "cold front" lags enough, we are cooking with gas.

Today is a prime example of why I'm right (but clearly not humble). Front went through last night, winds turned west and the result: 74 F in Portland right now.

Today: As I just drove home, the coastline will be mild today with temperatures in the mid to upper 70s for highs. Meanwhile northern Maine and mountains will experience a totally different Thursday with more clouds and some scattered showers. The showers will be fairly widespread to the north of Millinocket through the afternoon as an upper level disturbance pulls through. Meanwhile look for mostly sunny skies along the coastline and interior until late in the afternoon when that disturbance could produce some high cloud cover to close out the day.

Tonight: Any evening showers quickly die out and skies turn clear. Temperatures will drop into upper 30s over northern Maine but stay in the mid 40s closer to the coastline.

Friday: With high pressure building in from the west, I don't see any reason Friday will be anything but mostly sunny from start to finish for the vast majority of the state. The only exception will be some early morning cloud cover possible across northern Maine in response to the retreating upper level low. As far as high temperatures, the sea breeze will return to the coast with the lack of a west find to fight it...so highs there will be in the low 60s with mid 60s likely inland.

Both Saturday and Sunday look like a pleasant mixture of sun and clouds as high pressure settles overhead. Two caveats though: 1) There will be a sea breeze both days so the coast will stay in the low 60s 2) There will be additional cloud cover over southern and western Maine by Sunday afternoon. Still, this weekend looks pretty money if you ask me. ("You're so money and you don't even know it baby").

Enjoy your day!

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