UTC and Brewer High students launch catapults

5:20 PM, May 14, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Honors math students from Brewer High School and Construction and Building Trades students from UTC in Bangor, put their collective skills together to design build and test a piece of medievil technology.  

The goal of their project was to use math and engineering skills to design and build a pair of catapults. Both designs were slightly different. One used high tension bands, the other rope. But the goal was the same: to launch a basketball into a hoop  

"Tt's really just trial and error you find one thing that doesn't work and you move it a little and that's the whole point of building things, that's what our ancestors learned how to do things just trial and error," explained Brandon Stanley, a senior at UTC in Bangor.   

Before the students built and launched the full size catapults they worked with small prototype models in the classroom. They began the project back in February. 


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