Cool Monday, gradual warmup

1:42 PM, May 13, 2013   |    comments
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Ever since I crash landed on the Maine weather scene a few years ago, I've been throwing quasi-slang meteorological phrases at you: "fake cold", "troughed out", "dirty ridge." Well yesterday was a perfect example of one of my favorite slang terms, "sneaky warm."

Sunday was the first day since October 6, 2012 that Portland reached 70 F. But did it hit you over the head as a mild day? Probably not. It was a little cloudy, even a few showers popping up, yet the wind was out of the west (NOT off the water) and that's all it took to get us to 70 F. Classic #sneakywarm.

Today: Much cooler air has settled in behind yesterday's cold front, high temperatures will top out in the 50s along the coastline and say in the mountains. As far as cloud cover; it varies. Skies are almost totally clear along the coastline but the mountains and foothills are dealing with a decent amount of cloud cover due to "upslope winds" pushing air uphill. The mountains and foothills could actually see a few sprinkles develop later this afternoon as an upper level disturbance moves through. The lower levels of the atmosphere are super dry though (hence why it feels like fall outside), so any showers will be very light.

Tonight: Skies clear out pretty rapidly even to the west and give way to a very chilly night. With winds slackening by 10-11 PM, an ideal cooling scenario will set up. I expect temperatures to drop below freezing over western and interior Maine while staying in the mid 30s just along the coastline. Patchy frost is possible of course.

Tuesday: A coastal storm will just miss us so I expect some morning cloud cover over Downeast and Midcoastal Maine. Eventually that cloud cover with thin out, however, and skies will become a 50/50 mixture of sun and clouds. High temperatures will improve compared to Monday, ending up in the low to mid 60s.

Wednesday: Skies will start out mostly sunny but clouds will increase by the early afternoon, especially over western Maine. A warm front will begin pushing through by late afternoon, so showers could arrive just before sunset (again especially farther west) but the vast majority of the day will be dry and pleasant. High temperatures will end up in the mid 60s.

Showers will be widespread on Wednesday night as the warm front moves through and then clearing will take place by mid-morning on Thursday.

After the warm front parks to our north look for warmer conditions on Thursday and Friday with highs in the upper 60s to low 70s and a good deal of sunshine.

We are doing something a little different from now on: We heard your complaints that the new 5 day forecast was just too busy and hard to read. SO I've created two different 5 day forecasts: INLAND and COASTAL that we will be using during every show from here on out. By doing it this way we eliminate the need for "temperature ranges" and free up a lot of real estate on the graphic.  Now what is "coastal" and what is "inland"? I admit it's a bit of a variable term but I personally consider coastal 40-50 miles from the coast all the way to the water. The rest of the state will be better served with the "inland" version of the forecast. (And don't try to act like you aren't impressed with my fancy lighthouse and tree line graphics in the background)

More importantly: I have a "fan page" now on Facebook. All the cool kids are liking it....

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