Around the World in Maine: China Dine-ah

8:26 AM, May 8, 2013   |    comments
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CHINA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - We're continuing our reports from Around the World in Maine with a stop in China.

Many of you mentioned the China Dine-ah! The Morning Report team never passes an opportunity to have a good meal in a local diner, but we had no idea what kind of people we'd find inside.

Does the country of China have a dineah called the China Dine-ah? I doubt it.

And it almost definitely doesn't have its own World War II veteran to call its own, Mr. Larry Brown, a well-known troublemaker.

Mr. Brown, as he's fondly called at the dineah, was their very first customer. He hasn't left since.

When his wife of 57 years passed away, he searched for some way to fill some of that emotional void.

He says, "But I talk to her every morning and I talk to her every night, and give her picture a big kiss. I'm really still in love."

Here in this diner, thanks to the warm and generous staff, Mr. Brown found a way to be mostly whole again. But as it turns out, he wasn't the lucky one.

Jean Johnson, a waitress at the diner, says, "Then I'd go through car issues and he would let me borrow a vehicle of his. I had it one time for a week, not even knowing him before this."

A couple of times a week Mr. Brown and Jean share a few laughs, maybe some inappropriate jokes, and a cup of coffee, all while trying to brighten up somebody's day.

Brown says, "You just try to make them happy. Smile and sometimes they come right out of it. By the time they leave they're very happy."

So sometimes you don't have to go half-way around the world to find eternal bliss, the tiny town of China is serving it up every morning.


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