Lewiston residents on edge after fires

10:22 PM, May 6, 2013   |    comments
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LEWISTON, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - This string of three fires in a week has people in the city on edge. All of the fires have happened in close proximity to each other.

After the first fire that displaced 75 people here a week ago, the fire chief tells us it gives you a good indication of just how many people live in the inner city of Lewiston. Hundreds of people are packed into these neighborhoods living in multiple family apartment buildings. Now those people are fearing for their safety.

The latest fire happened at two abandoned buildings, but the buildings on either sides were occupied. Those people were forced to evacuate and some of them spent the morning down at Lewiston High school where a temporary shelter was set up. Neighbors of this latest fire say given what's happened in the neighborhood the past week with the other two fires they were shocked to look out their windows and see a third fire burning right next door. It's making some people think about moving out.

These fires have also has an impact on the Red Cross workers who have been out straight helping victims of the fires. 75 people displaced in the first one as we mentioned and then another 105 from Friday night's fire. Resources are stretched thin, while the community has been great donating good and items, officials with the United Valley Chapter of the Red Cross say they are in desperate need of cash donations.

For all the ways you can help the Lewiston victims: http://www.wcsh6.com/news/article/242640/314/Ways-you-can-help-the-Lewiston-fire-victims

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