Day 11 of dry weather

1:06 PM, May 6, 2013   |    comments
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For most of Maine this is day 11 of no rainfall. We will squeeze out one more totally dry day before showers arrive on Wednesday night and usher in a distinctly more typical spring time pattern. The impending end of our dry streak had me thinking pros and cons...


-Our extremely high wildfire danger will be diminished

-My boss will spend less time considering hiring a smoking hot weather babe who used to be an entertainment reporter since Maine forecasting is so easy

-I'LL spend less time debating if my boss should just hire a smoking hot weather babe who used to be an entertainment reporter because forecasting in Maine is so easy


-Less sunshine and sunshine makes everyone happy.

-Better chance of being wrong forecast-wise

-Less time for online "Man-drobe" (See: Male wardrobe) shopping

Today: Temperatures are varying wildly at the moment from near 80 F in the mountains and northern Maine to mid 50s along the coastline. You know why already; sea breeze. Those along the coast will stay stuck in the 50s, inland locations could touch 80 F for a few hours. Mostly sunny skies will continue although the immediate coastline could see some late day cloud cover as the visible satellite picture shows a huge deck of stratus just offshore.

Tonight: That deck of stratus will move into the coastline overnight allowing for mostly cloudy skies close to the ocean. Elsewhere skies will be partly cloudy and dense fog will be an increasing possibility as the night wears on. Lows will range from the upper 30s to mid 40s.

Tuesday: The coastline will start with some morning fog and low level cloud cover. That should be burnt off by late morning (11 AM or so) and at that point they will join the rest of the state with mostly sunny skies. Tuesday will prove to be the warmest day in a while along the coastline with highs in the upper 60s at least, meanwhile western spots will touch 82-83 by the afternoon.

The ridge of high pressure that has been protecting us for almost two weeks will slowly get pushed out of the way on Wednesday. As such look for increasing clouds from southwest to northeast through the day. Southern coastal Maine will be the cloudiest while northern Maine will remain sunny until late afternoon.

Although clouds will increase during the day on Wednesday, the showers will hold off until Wednesday night. At that point a broad upper level low that has been lurking to the southwest for 6-7 days now will park itself over Maine.

The result will be scattered shower activity on Thursday and Friday, with Thursday looking like the wetter of the two days.

More showers are likely on Saturday before some potential clearing on Sunday.

This Thursday-Saturday stretch sounds worse than it is: most of the shower activity will be light and intermittent.

Ok I'm out of here, gotta go work on my resume in case we get another boring spell of weather like this in the near future and I get the boot.


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