Sea breezes and sunshine

1:26 PM, Apr 29, 2013   |    comments
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Sea Breezes and Sunshine.

Sounds like a Jimmy Buffett song. Maybe it is, I don't know for sure...the guy has like 60 albums. Either way it's an apt description of our weather pattern for this week.

With high pressure just offshore the week will prove to be dry, mostly sunny and significantly cooler along the coastline. The first two are nice and the third is to be expected of spring in Maine.

Today: Mostly sunny and pleasant. There are some high thin clouds over southern and central Maine in response to an upper level low to the south, but they aren't doing much to block out the sunshine. There are even showers as close as western New Hampshire, but with dry air at the surface I am not concerned about any of those finding their way into Maine. Instead look for clear skies over northern Maine and mostly sunny skies over southern and central locations. Highs will range from 60 F along the coastline to near 70 F farther inland.

Tonight: Mostly clear and cool again. Lows will drop into the mid to upper 30s in most spots with the coastline staying near 40 F.

Tuesday: A very similar set up to today. High pressure to the northeast of Maine will provide mostly sunny skies. Still, since it's a "dirty ridge" (Google it), it will allow some cloud cover into southern parts of the state again. (Actually you know what? Don't Google dirty ridge at might not turn out well. It's slang for a ridge of high pressure that doesn't completely block out clouds, instead it allows some clouds and even light showers into the edges of the ridge. It also has a theme song.) High temperatures will end up very similar to Monday: Around 60 near the coast, closer to 70 away from the sea breeze.

Back to consistently sunny skies for Wednesday and the first half of Thursday before a backdoor cold front (I swear I'm not making this stuff up) tries to ruin the party on Thursday afternoon.

I'll keep an eye on the timing of that front but it looks to move in by late in the day on Thursday and bring temperatures down into the upper 50s on Friday. It's not a lock yet but these backdoor fronts have a way of showing up around here during the spring.

I don't see any rain in the forecast until MAYBE Sunday afternoon with a few sprinkles. I'm not even totally sold on that happening.

Side note: Fire danger is high right now. It will likely be VERY high as the week progresses due to a lack of rain, low dew points and locally gusty winds.

2nd Side note: Your boy KC hit 3,000 Twitter followers yesterday. Holla! Only 38 million to go to catch Bieber. #ImaBieleber



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