Pepsi Co. refreshes Clifford Park in Biddeford

6:29 PM, Apr 28, 2013   |    comments
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BIDDEFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- It's not often you see families in a park doing yard work... But the folks from Pepsi Company in southern Maine are handing the city of Biddeford a refreshment.

The project is called Pepsi Supports Surrounding Towns... and its employee-organized volunteer projects reach across the nation.

"You're talking like 500 different facilities," says Pepsi Account Manager, Jeff Paradis. "Just basically doing something nice for their neighbors."

Paradis is a Biddeford resident and proposed the project idea to Pepsi he says, because there wasn't a place in more need than Clifford Park.

"There's campfires out there where people have had parties. There's broken glass from beer bottles," says Paradis. "There's a needle. It's definitely been a haven for things that shouldn't be happening in a park."

Pepsi Sales Manager Angela Quintal says the project is rewarding for both the staff and the community.

"It's a sense of energy," says Quintal, "and I think revitalized our relationship with our customers and the community."

15 employees and their families donated their time to the project on Saturday.


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