A few afternoon clouds, that's about it

8:25 AM, Apr 27, 2013   |    comments
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The weather over the next few days is good for pretty much anything you feel like doing outside. Hike? Check. Bike? Check. Picnic? Not very manly, but check still. Yard work? Big time check. (I'm all about the yard work this weekend as my lawn has been attacked in an epic fashion by what looks like a combination of moles on steroids and the rodent of unusual size from the Princess Bride. Not ideal).

Today: Mostly sunny through the first half of the day statewide. By the afternoon clouds will increase a bit, especially in the mountains and foothills as a weak cold front swings down from Canada. This cold front will be "washing out" as it runs into the dry air from a ridge of high pressure overhead Maine, so I don't expect really anything in the way of shower activity as it moves through. (Some mountain top might see a sprinkle but I'm not going to count that). High temperatures will be largely in the 59-63 F range with the coastline topping out a bit cooler than that due to a sea breeze.

Tonight: Clear and chilly. That will be the name of the game over the next few nights; since it's so clear the warmth from the daytime will escape into the atmosphere very rapidly. Lows will hover 30 F inland with upper 30s along the immediate coastline.

Sunday: Mostly sunny and mild with high pressure firmly in control. Look for temperatures to respond nicely to the late April sun angle, pushing the interior into the upper 60s by the afternoon. Once again a sea breeze will develop and keep the coastline cooler, more like upper 50s there.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday: All three of these days will feature the same weather setup. High pressure offshore giving us mostly sunny skies, temperatures pushing to near 70 F inland but staying in the low 60s along the coastline due to a sea breeze. If I wanted to get picky (I do), I'd say we might see more cloud cover on Tuesday compared to the other days due to a large upper level low just to our south. Either way, we are looking good.

By Thursday winds turn more strongly onshore which will cool down the whole state into the upper 50s for highs. Still looks dry though.

At some point we will have to deal with a massive upper level low being kept at bay by this ridge of high pressure. My guess is that will happen next weekend, so we will flip the script from sunshine to several days of rain at that point. Details still to be worked out but I don't see how we can dodge that big low forever.

Ok off to work on my lawn like an old man. If need be I'll resort to the Caddyshack method....

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