Beautiful weekend ahead

12:33 PM, Apr 26, 2013   |    comments
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Judging strictly by the numbers, this weekend won't be anything special. Highs in the upper 50s to low 60s, a good deal of sunshine, afternoon sea breeze. Pretty standard. But from a "Phew, spring finally showed up!" standpoint, it's time to for a ticker tape parade. (Using whatever the modern equivalent of ticker tape is...perhaps smashed up pieces of the oh-so-outdated iPhone 3?).

This afternoon: Mostly sunny for the vast majority of the state with high temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. The exception to the sunny rule will be western Maine, right along the border with New Hampshire. In that area there is a weak upper level disturbance about to move through which will touch off some additional cloud cover as well as a few sprinkles. The disturbance will dry out as it tries to push farther into Maine, so the showers will be confined to a line west of Portland.

Tonight: Partly cloudy to mostly clear through the entire evening and chilly once again. Lows will dip below freezing inland and stay right around 35 F closer to the coastline. Winds will be light.

Saturday: A large ridge of high pressure will build into a more dominant position by Saturday so look for a mostly sunny start to the day. By the early afternoon a weak cold front will push down from Canada and dissipate overhead due to the dry air. Although the showers won't make it into Maine, some of the clouds WILL so look for increase in afternoon cloud cover...especially over the mountains. Otherwise a sea breeze will develop keeping high temperatures in the upper 50s along the coastline while they reach the low 60s farther inland.

Sunday: Same basic setup here but the midlevel temperatures will begin to warm up so highs will push into the upper 60s away from the coast. The coastline, however, will be stuck around 60 F with a quick hitting sea breeze forming. Mostly sunny skies will dominate but the mountains may see additional cloud cover by the afternoon with an isolated sprinkle.

Sunday's forecast basically applies for Monday and Tuesday as well. Mostly sunny for most of the state, some afternoon clouds and a sprinkle in the mountains. High temperatures nearing 70 F across interior Maine but staying in the low 60s close to the coastline.

I think even the immediate coastline has a chance to break 65 F on Tuesday and Wednesday, but they will still be cooler than interior spots by the afternoon.

That's about it. At some point we will have to deal with a strong upper level low being stalled to our south by this big ridge of high pressure...but let's not worry about that for now.

Enjoy the weekend.

Or else.

Twitter: I went to my first #MEtweetup yesterday. (Basically a gathering of people into Twitter in Maine...but they meet in real life. Gasp). I only ran into two girls like THIS while there. I'll consider that a victory.



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