Finally, several days of pleasant spring weather

1:05 PM, Apr 25, 2013   |    comments
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It has happened to me, right in front of my face, and I just can not hide it.

Let's face it, this spring has been VERY hard fought. For every 60 F day with sunshine, we've dealt with three in the 40s with clouds. But not for the next 5-7 days...we are flipping the script. Will it be the most spectacular stretch of weather you've ever seen? Nope. But it will be eleventy billion times better than our spring to date. And that's a lot better; technically speaking.

Today: This morning's cold front is exiting Downeast Maine as I type this, leaving behind rapid clearing and warming temperatures for the whole of Maine. Dry air is being pulled in from the west on a strong fetch, allowing clouds to dissipate and make room for mostly sunny conditions for the rest of the day. Temperatures will warm into the upper 50s and low 60s pretty consistently with the biggest negative to the second half of the day being that frisky west wind blowing in up to 25 MPH at times.

Tonight: Mostly clear, quiet and chilly. Winds will settle and allow almost optimal cooling conditions, so lows will dip into the 30s along the coastline with some 20s possible over western and northern Maine.

Friday: A ridge of high pressure builds in from the southwest but it won't be a totally "clean" yet. (This is technically just weather slang but some meteorologists refer to ridges of high pressure as "clean" or "dirty." Clean means that the air is dry, clouds are at a minimum and precipitation is unlikely. A dirty ridge means that high pressure is present but weak systems can sneak into the outer edges of it, producing some clouds and a few showers). This ridge is look for a mixture of sun and clouds through the day with a chance of an afternoon shower over western Maine and the western mountains as well. The rest of the state will be totally dry but it looks like a weak little disturbance will push into the ridge and produce showers in that region before fizzling out over central Maine. High temperatures will sit in the upper 50s in most spots with some low 60s away from the coastline.

Saturday: The ridge becomes more established for the start of the weekend so look for mostly sunny skies and temperatures once again in the upper 50s to low 60s.

From Sunday through Wednesday Maine will basically be in the same setup. High pressure just offshore will provide mostly sunny to partly sunny skies with an occasional afternoon shower in the mountains. Temperatures will push into the mid and upper 60s by Sunday away from the coastline and all the way to 70 F by Tuesday afternoon.

Closer to the coast, however, a generally weak southwest flow will mostly likely turn into an afternoon sea breeze each and every day. The result will be temperatures in the 50s through Sunday, low 60s from Monday through Wednesday. Not bad for sure, but a full 10-15 F cooler than inland locations by midweek.

The ocean sure is pretty, but man is it a spring killer.

Twitter: I finally hit 3,000 followers...making me the first WCSHer to do so. I went into the newsroom to gloat this morning and got 15 blank stares and 1 "Yeah, so? I was employee of the quarter this quarter."

Hatas gonna hate.




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