Seacoast company helps celebrities, sports teams and business leaders take flight

3:03 PM, Apr 23, 2013   |    comments
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SEABROOK, New Hampshire (NEWS CENTER) -- Getting there is supposed to be half the fun of travel, but long lines and unexpected delays have made flying these days more of a chore than an adventure.

One company in New Hampshire's Seacoast has found a way to bypass all the headaches that have brought air travel down and now schedules flights for sports teams, rock stars and billionaires on luxury aircraft of all kinds and sizes.

"It is 12:35 on a Thursday afternoon. I can have you airborne at 2pm. Where do you want to go?" asks Greg Raiff, founder and CEO of Private Jet Services.

It is that kind of can-do attitude that has Greg Raiff's company growing into the stratosphere.

"There are no shortages of airplanes," Raiff explains. "The art of what we do is taking that piece of metal and delivering the people exactly as they expected. We like to say that there is no such thing as a good surprise in transportation."

Private Jet Services has risen from humble beginnings, with a handful of people working out of a space over Raiff's garage about ten years ago, to the $50 million company it is today - taking rock stars on tour, bringing business leaders to boardrooms around the world, and even helping sports teams get in the game.

"When sports teams travel or rock bands travel, they are going to work," he explains. "Our passengers want to get from A to B on time without any hassles."

PJS has contracts with several professional and college teams, but sports stars aren't the only celebrities they cater to.

"We have a female singer who must have green M&M's - and only green M&M's - on the airplane," Raiff states.

Because of confidentiality agreements, he is reluctant to name names, but says many of the biggest names in business, movies, and the arts have been and continue to be his clients.

"In all cases, they are people that recognize that the cost of not getting there on time as planned far exceeds the cost of the transportation itself."

"What does it cost if you don't get there on time?" he asks.

"I think that people hear the phrase, Private Jet Services and they think, 'Oh, they are only flying around billionaires and millionaires sipping champagne at 40,000 feet', and certainly that is a part of what we do, but the greater portion of our business is serving people that are just trying to get there and there is simply no better way to get there."

Raiff says the cost for a flight on one of his planes ranges from $5,000 to $25,000 per hour the plane is in the air. The destination, number of passengers and duration of the trip make are all factors in that scale.

"No one needs our assistance getting from New York to Los Angeles or New York to Las Vegas," admits Raiff. "Where our company really beats [competitors] is when we are bringing people in to a location that is really hard to get to."

Raiff says what he is most proud of about his company is the fact more than 90-percent of his clients return to book another flight.


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