Falmouth woman released from hospital after Boston bombing

5:46 PM, Apr 17, 2013   |    comments
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Sarah Girouard

BOSTON (NECN) - Some of the injured spectators with less serious injuries were discharged today to continue recuperating at home among them... a woman from Maine who attends Northeastern.

Sarah Girouard was hit by shrapnel from the first explosion. She was there to watch the marathon and cheer the runners down the home stretch.

"I was with two of my roommates in front of marathon sports and i felt a blast i grabbed one of them..

Girouard says they took off into the smoky chaos trying to find a store where they could take cover.

"I just felt my knee got his tought it was a misfired fireworks.

Back in Maine her mother was just getting home from the grocery store.

She said she a text that said 'hope Sarah's not at the Marathon" and at that moment she says her heart kind of stopped because she knew she was there.

The Girouards did what parents everywhere with children in boston did that Monday afternoon. They started texting and calling their daughter...but Sarah didn't answer the texts or pick up the phone.

Finally their other daughter called to say sarah was in triage under a medical tent and on her way to Tufts Medical Center.

Sarah says she has a fractured heel bone from the shrapnel that hit her and she has a partially blown eardrum.

As serious as those injuries sound, they know it could have been much worse. Sarah says she's very lucky and is grateful for the medical care and kindness she experienced that awful day and all the support she's received since

She's headed home to Falmouth to continue the healing process in her parents care.

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