Seattle man killed when clothing got caught in escalator

12:31 PM, Apr 15, 2013   |    comments
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(KING) "It could have been anyone, but it was my son." David Bell said his family is still "in shock" and he's just trying to hold on and be strong. His son, Mauriceo Bell, 42, died last Sunday morning, apparently strangled by his own clothing which had gotten caught in an escalator in Seattle's downtown Metro bus tunnel.

"It could have been anyone" he said. "It could have been somebody who had a stroke or a heart attack or who just fell down."

Surveillance shows the fatal fall, and the minutes that follow.

In it, you can see Bell start to wobble on the escalator before he falls down. Passengers inside the downtown transit tunnel who viewed the video said it's hard to watch. Equally disturbing, they say, is the fact that two people can be seen on camera, walking right past Bell on the ground without stopping to help.

"It's horrible, I would think our society is a little more evolved than that," said James Fischl. "You know, I wonder if the people saw him there and that that maybe something else was going on with him."

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