Mostly Cloudy Sunday, Warm Front Worries

8:14 AM, Apr 7, 2013   |    comments
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Last year's spring was like a trust fund baby: Everything came easily, almost effortless. This year's spring is more like a rags to riches story...we are scraping, fighting and trying to build something worthwhile a little at a time. We haven't arrived yet. But it's OK; we'll appreciate it more when we get there. (There's some truth to this. You often don't appreciate something that is a given in your life experience. When we were in St. Kitts last month someone we shared a taxi with said to the cabbie "You live in paradise!! This must be great." The cab driver paused, looked at the woman and said, "Yeah. I guess so. But I'd love to see snow someday. This is boring.")

Our spring struggle will continue this upcoming work week. Temperatures won't be unusually cold, but the dream of hitting 70 F has been all but crushed. Crushed by a wiley warm front.

Today: A warm front is lifting into western Maine as I write this blog. As a result clouds are quickly spreading from west to east towards the coastline and some flurries are breaking out across the west and into the mountains. There is more shower activity behind it, in Vermont, that will mean mostly cloudy skies with a few scattered showers. There will be breaks of sun, especially across southern Maine, but there appears to be too much low level moisture to give us prolonged spells of rays. Temperatures will push into the low 50s over southern Maine while staying in the 40s over central and norther parts of the state.

Tonight: As a cold front trails behind the system look for a few lines of showers to develop. These showers will be light, but more widespread than what we experience during the day on Sunday. When it's not raining look for overcast skies and temperatures staying in the upper 30s to low 40s.

Monday: There will be a decent amount of cloud cover leftover Monday morning as the frontal boundary slowly clears the coast. But by late morning high pressure will build in and sunshine will take over. From then on out look for mostly sunny skies through the rest of the day with temperatures responding nicely. Southern Maine could hit 60 F while even northern areas should break 50 F.

As I hammered home all last week, the key to the forecast for Tuesday-Thursday is simple: Where does that warm front set up? If it set up south of us, we'd be on the cold side. If it set up north of us, we'd be in the 70s.

The final answer is will set up right on top of Maine.

That means temperatures will stay in the upper 40s to low 50s and there will be a ton of instability and resulting shower activity through the work week.

Showers will be widespread on Tuesday, more scattered on Wednesday and Thursday...but a fairly contininous threat will make it hard to plan outdoor activites. The bottom line is; with the front in this position I don't like our chances of any "early summer" teases this week.  

But that's ok. No one likes a trust fund baby anyhow.

Twitter: @KeithCarsonWCSH. (Thinking of changing my handle to "Czar of Weather"...thoughts?)

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