Baldacci fires back over new political ad

6:28 PM, Apr 5, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Former governor John Baldacci is firing back after an ad targeting him for the state's hospital debt.

The ad first hit the airwaves Thursday. It accuses Baldacci of leaving office with more than 400 million owed to hospitals in the state.

The spot was paid for by Maine People Before Politics --- a political action group which supports Governor LePage. Baldacci says he sees the ad as a 'political move' by LePage. He says the commercial isn't true --- stating that his office worked to pay back hospitals even during the recession. Governor LePage is trying to pass a plan to pay back hospitals by using proceeds from a state liquor contract.

Many democrats say the recent ad is all focused on taking attention away from his controversial state budget plan. Baldacci says he agrees.

"His budget breaks the commitment for municipal revenue sharing, breaks the commitment for teacher retirement. When I was governor I made those commitments to the hospitals..we honored those commitments without breaking commitments to municipal revenue sharing..teacher retirement and we also held the line on raising taxes. so I'm very discouraged by this type of politics."

Governor LePage has said the ad was put together without his involvement. While there's been speculation that Baldacci will run for Governor, he says at this point he isn't sure.

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