Repairs to Sarah Long Bridge could take six weeks

5:55 PM, Apr 5, 2013   |    comments
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KITTERY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Construction on the Sarah Mildred Long bridge is expect to begin on Monday, a week after a tanker broke loose from a nearby pier and rain into the bridge.

Transportation officials are fast tracking repairs to the bridge which could remain closed for six weeks.

The collison damaged four steel beams on the bridge when the tanker broke loose from it's moorings. A crane on the tanker also cracked areas on the bridge's side walk. Cianbro which will do the reapirs, has already started working on steel fabrication and is expected to set up staging areas at the bridge Saturday.

Engineers are drawing up desings, using the original drawings of the bridge dating back to the 1930's.Crews are working around the clock because re-opening the bridge, which carries about 15-thousand vehicles a day, is a priority.

'It's definitely a priority to get this bridge open we don't like the idea of having one bridge open at the moment, we're glad I-95 is open,' said Nickie Hunter, a district construction engineer with NHDOT.

The Maine and New Hampshire Attorney Generals are working to get the company which owns the tanker, to pay for the damage.


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