Local Howe brothers see their machine on the big screen

7:54 PM, Apr 4, 2013   |    comments
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WATERBORO, Maine (NECN) - The ripsaw is a super tank invention by Mike and Geoff Howe. They built it for the military, but when Hollywood knocked on their door In Waterboro, Maine they answered.

The brothers built a special GI Joe version of Ripsaw and brought it to the movie set. When the stunt driver had a hard time handling 800 horsepower the director put Mike in the tank.

Watching the tank they built come crashing through a wall of flame in a hit hollywood film has been fun but it's their newest project that has them really excited.

This is the first time Mike and Geoff have unveiled the SWAT bot, a robot they designed with the help of the Massachusetts State Police.
It's a remote controlled vehicle with a large bulletproof shield.

They recently did a training exercise with Maine and Massachusetts police to see the SWAT bot in action. It can bust open a door, tow a car and provide protection to a group of officers advancing on a suspect.

It's not designed to replace officers, but give them a tool to keep them safer. The remote is wireless and operating the robot is simple...even without any training. It's built so law enforcement can move the robot and have their weapon ready at the same time.

In a time of budget cuts, the 95 thousand dollar price tag may be tough for police departments but the Howe's are hopeful it will be seen as a worthwhile investment. Hollywood is make believe, they like it better when their machines save lives in the real world.


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