Clouds increase but rain holds off until tonight

9:04 AM, Mar 31, 2013   |    comments
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Check this out: My dad and me- Easter 1988.

A few things of note here: 1) Yes, I was a blondie 2) Yes, my dad has red hair 3) No, we didn't have a milkman 4) Wow that's a sweet painting.

Ok moving on.

Today: Mostly sunny skies will dominate the first half of the day as high pressure retains control over the northeast. However a storm approaching from the west-southwest means clouds will increase from as the day progresses. In fact, the edge of the cloud shield is already visible over western Vermont, pushing eastward. Southern and western Maine will cloud up by this afternoon, northern and central Maine will hold off until around sunset. High temperatures will be similar to Saturday with the exception of the coastline. A sea breeze will develop this time because of southerly flow, so temperatures along the shore will be about 5 F cooler than Saturday.

Tonight: Rain moves in with some heavy downpours possible during the late evening/early morning. There will be some mixing with snow but, for the most part, the temperature profile is just TOO warm for any real accumulation. It wouldn't shock me to see an inch or two in the highest elevations, but that's about it.

Monday: The bands of rain will be confined to northern and Downeast Maine by Monday morning, leaving just cloudy skies over southern and central parts of the state. The middle part of the day (from say 11 am to 2 pm) actually looks pretty decent with a few sunny breaks and sneaky warm temperature readings pushing into the upper 50s. However any sunshine will fuel afternoon showers as a trailing cold front moves through later in the day.

Both Tuesday and Wednesday will put Maine in what we call "cyclonic flow." What that means is that a low will be stalled to our north and, though not directly impacting us, will influence our weather pattern. Winds will setup out of the northwest bringing clouds and showers to the mountains, but as the air dries on the way down the mountains look for a mixture of sun and clouds along the coastal plain and into the interior. So your Tuesday/Wednesday experience really depends on where you live. In either case it will be notably cooler with highs only reaching the upper 30s to low 40s....a solid 10-15 F departure from this weekend.

High pressure returns for Thursday and Friday, allowing for warmer temperatures and mostly sunny skies.

Ok I'm out. Enjoy your Sunday!

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