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7:56 AM, Mar 25, 2013   |    comments
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I feel like this kind of weather pleases the masses. It's warm and sunny enough to placate those waiting for spring to kick in, but it's also cool enough for some radical (gnarly, epic) spring skiing.

Overall our pattern is quiet. Sure, we are troughed out (jetstream to our south), but not deeply enough to push temperatures below the 40s given the strong sun angle of late March. No big storms in sight but also no big warm up...such is life.

Today: We will start with mostly sunny skies but quickly mix to a more 50/50 blend of sun and clouds by noon. The clouds are in response to a decent sized storm system pushing through the Mid-Atlantic. The storm WILL miss, but its proximity to us will produce some cloud cover and even a chance for an afternoon sprinkle over southern and central Maine. (I'd say the chances of a sprinkle are in the 10-20% range) The farther north you head, the farther away from the storm you are going, and the more sunshine is likely. Temperatures will max out around average in the low to mid 40s.

Tonight: An early snow shower or flurry is possible as the storm to our south continues to move out over the ocean. Otherwise it will be partly cloudy and seasonably cool with readings in the 20s statewide by late evening/early morning.

Tuesday: With high pressure to the west look for mostly sunny conditions from start to finish along the coast and into the interior. The exception to these otherwise bright conditions will be the mountains and foothills, they will see increasing clouds by the afternoon with a stray flurry or two. (This is just upslope stuff as winds force moisture into the higher terrain, and thus, into the upper atmosphere to produce clouds). Highs will be in the low to mid 40s again.

Wednesday: An impulse of energy attached to the storm that missed us on Monday (that's the problem with this pattern, we are blocked up to the northeast therefore storms linger around even if they miss us initially) will start rotating down from Canada. That will produce light snow from Caribou south to Millinocket and eventually into Bangor by the afternoon. Total accumulation will fall in the 1-3" range and will happen very it's not a big deal, just worth noting. Meanwhile, southern and central Maine will just be mostly cloudy and dry as the impulse is too far north.

A few snow and rain showers are possible over southern Maine on Thursday as that impulse finally arrives in a weakened state.

No big storms in sight overall as we recover to sunshine for Friday and the weekend looks pretty quiet.

Side Story: I went back home to Boston this weekend and suddenly realized...we aren't very friendly folk down there. Within 12 hours of arriving in Beantown I had been told to "Go f$%^& yourself" (I may have deserved it), had someone blatantly steal my cab by jumping into it from the other side, and been antagonized (with the hope of starting a fight that he could clearly win) by a jacked up, head shaving, super-tight-button down wearing guy who strongly resembled Mr. Clean.

In my 3 years living in Maine none of these things have ever happened to me while out and about....and there's something to be said for that. Then again, you almost never have to hail a cab in Maine and being a hipster is way cooler than being a meathead.

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