A bit unsettled and cool

12:20 PM, Mar 21, 2013   |    comments
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Remember how it was 79 F on this day last year? And people were actually on the beach laying out? And unicorns were giving free rides down Congress Street to a Starbucks in which Apple computer products were strictly prohibited?

Ok so I exaggerated a bit, but the point is: this spring is NOTHING like Spring 2012.

Today: Maine is caught between a MONSTER storm system to the east over the Atlantic and a weaker low pressure system currently in Canada but shifting southwest over time. We won't be directly "hit" by either, but the instability between the two lows will drive snow shower activity and variable cloud cover. Currently there is a good looking area of snow shower activity just offshore over the Gulf of Maine. I expect that activity to move into southern and Midcoastal Maine through the afternoon and produce some snow showers in spots. Not a huge deal, but something to be aware of (my grammar teacher told me to never end a sentence with a preposition but I just don't see how you can avoid it sometimes!). The rest of the state looks partly sunny and dry with highs in the mid to upper 30s.

Tonight: A bit of a weak inverted trough (not a NORLUN, those terms are not interchangeable despite the butchering of them by some of my peers ((anchorfight!)) sets up tonight along the southern coast of Maine and into the Midcoast. That should provide some snow shower activity there while the rest of the state is mostly cloudy. There will also be another area of snow shower activity over Downeast as that large storm passes by (preposition again). Meanwhile the cloud cover will prevent temperatures from dropping too much, I'm thinking low to mid 20s away from the coast, near 30 F closer to the ocean.

Friday: Still unsettled between the two low pressure systems so look for partly sunny skies and scattered snow showers. By the afternoon the air will warm sufficiently enough over southern Maine to turn any remaining snow showers over to rain showers. Either way the activity is pretty light and interrupted by nice breaks of sunshine.

Saturday: As a blizzard slams the Maritimes, look for a mixture of sun and clouds along the coastal plain with consistent snow shower activity in the mountains. In fact, due to a very strong northwest wind I think the higher terrain stands a chance to pick up a good 2-4" during the day. Across the interior and coast, where there is more sunshine, look for highs to break into the 40s.

Winds slacken and skies brighten further for Sunday with high temperatures in the low to mid 40s.

Overall our pattern looks unsettled as far as snow shower activity, but uneventful when it comes to big storms.

Since we will remain "troughed out" at the upper levels I don't see any spring warm up in the next 7-10 days at least.

P.S. I turned 30 yesterday. Kind of a big deal. I'm off to pick up a nose hair trimmer, "tube" socks and Rogaine.

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