This is snow old! (A poem)

5:59 PM, Mar 19, 2013   |    comments
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This Is Snow Old!

Tired of this weather?
Want to swing into spring?
We've got news for you...
This forecast will sting.

So an ode to Maine winter.
We've not long to go
Though when spring arrives
We'll have mountains of snow.

Some people dig it
Others snow blow
Some drive too fast
Please, listen! Go slow!

It drives some people crazy
Some others scrape by
As flakes make skies hazy,
Bring kids' spirits high.

Now you may be pining
For days with sun shining
But winter will go
And so will the snow.

So here's to "fowl" weather
The cold winter's breeze
Can I come in now?
It's up to my knees!


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