Neuroscience meets art in Biddeford exhibit

8:24 PM, Mar 9, 2013   |    comments
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BIDDEFORD, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Next week is national Brain Awareness Week. There is a unique art exhibit shedding light on the impacts of brain injuries, trauma, and chronic pain.

"Your Brain on Art" displays work by people who have been impacted by, or have suffered these mysterious illnesses and injuries. Sarah Gorman's paintings depict her vision of her father's brain tumor. Working on the collection helped her to heal after he passed away. Artist Jon Sarkin found himself compulsively creating art after brain surgery and a stroke. His work has received international recognition. Showcasing worksthe artwork was the brain child of Dr. Ed Bilsky, who leads neurological research at the University of New England. He says Sarkin's case is an extreme example of how much a brain disorder can alter a person.

Really at the fundamental heart of all this is the brain makes us human. So even seemingly small changes in that brain chemistry and rewiring of the brain that occurs after an injury, can change who we fundamentally are.

Your Brain on Art will be on display until April 6th.



















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