RSU 19 voters rally for school loan proposal

6:16 PM, Mar 6, 2013   |    comments
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NEWPORT, Maine (NEWS CENTER) --- Just days before RSU 19 residents will vote a third time on taking out a loan for the school district, people for and against the idea were out making their case.

Many teachers and parents for the loan proposal staged a rally Monday afternoon on Route 7 in Newport. School administrators are looking to get a $2.8 million loan for the district to help alleviate a massive school budget shortfall. The shortfall, which was caused by administrative errors by prior school administrators, has already caused a spending freeze in RSU 19 and about $1.7 million in budget cuts.

Voters in the districts eight towns have already rejected taking out a loan at the polls twice. Supporters say the cuts have had a huge impact on education and activities. Yet those against the loan say many property tax payers can't afford to see an increase.

"The other half of it is they {supporters} don't pay attention to whose paying the bill because there's so many people that live on fixed incomes and the amount of liens have gone up in almost all the towns," said David Holmes of Plymouth, "People living on fixed incomes can't continue these raises."

"This loan is the best solution for the problem at hand," remarked Wayne Prescott, who is the president of the district's education association, "My theory is its better for me to pay over ten years an increase in my taxes as opposed to having to pay it all at once in one year."

The loan referendum will take place this Friday across RSU 19. You can check with your area town office to see what times they will be open near you.


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