Maine National Guard braces for budget cuts

6:20 PM, Feb 27, 2013   |    comments
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AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - More than five hundred full time employees of the Maine National Guard could see their paychecks cut if the federal government's budget sequester takes place.  Congressional Republicans and the President continue to trade accusations over the automatic budget cuts, but so far the sides seem no closer to a compromise.
National Guard officials say 570 full time workers -officially called technicians - are paid for with federal funds and will be affected by the sequester cuts. The current plan would reduce their workweek to four days, and cut their pay by twenty percent. Guard officials say putting that many people on weekly furlough would not affect any of their people on deployment overseas, but would hurt the Guard's readiness here at home.
He says they will still have enough people to respond to any emergencies, but that  equipment might not be "at the same level of readiness".
The Maine National Guard is a state agency that uses federal funds. Other state agencies are analyzing the potential  impact of sequester cuts.  The White House has said as many as seven thousand Maine workers would be affected... including the Guard, workers at Portsmouth and Bath shipyards and the Defense Finance Center in Limestone.


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