Snow for southern and central Maine

9:56 AM, Feb 24, 2013   |    comments
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Despite the fact that many of us had a hard time accumulating snow last night through early this morning, the snowfall forecast is still on track.

There was a rain/snow line issue over southern coastal Maine earlier today as winds will pulled out of the east over the relatively warm (41 F) ocean. Now winds have turned to north-northeast, it may seem like a subtle difference but it was all that was required to change almost everyone over to snow. (Interesting point: Even when it changed to snow early this morning it wasn't accumulating because the boundary layer temperatures were just too warm. People often say "the ground is too warm, it won't stick", in reality that's almost never the case. It's all about the low level temperatures, drop that bad boy below 32 F and you are golden).

Moving forward...our inverted trough is beginning to setup. It extends well to the northwest of the actual coastal low, focusing some moderate snow. The low, as I mentioned for the past few days, is too far away to directly impact us so the snow we get today will be almost entirely from the inverted trough. The trough will setup moderate to heavy bands of snow from Portsmouth, NH up through Portland and into Rockland. That will be the bulls eye for this storm. To the south and north of this area, this is a non-event with just some light snow and snow shower activity. (See my snowfall map)

Snow looks to be heaviest this afternoon as the trough gets cranking, but at least light snow will continue into the evening hours making for a relatively long duration event.

After midnight the snow will taper off and skies will clear pretty rapidly from west to east in the early morning hours of Monday.

Monday looks like a decent day with a mixture of sun and clouds and temperatures in the upper 30s.

Tuesday is even better as high pressure settles in overhead. The sun angle is getting strong this time of the year so temperatures should push into the lower 40s outside the mountains.

Our next storm system is slated for Wednesday morning and it's an inside runner type, meaning it will track to our west and allow a bunch of warm air in. As such look for a transition over to rain after several hours of snow even along the coastline. The mountains will likely be stubborn and hang onto at least a mixture through the day on Wednesday.

After that a giant upper level low stalls over us for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I mentioned before you either get one mega-storm with this setup or you get a bunch of "impulses" that lead to an unsettled stretch. At this point it looks like it's Option B, the impulses. That will mean periods of snow from Thursday through Saturday. It's impossible to pin down the timing of these shots of snow right now but there will likely be areas in Maine that end up with some heavy accumulation when all is said and done.

P.S. I just saw myself on tape from this morning's show and realized I am having a TERRIBLE hair day. Come on people, email me, tweet gotta let me know this stuff, I'm flying blind out there. 






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