Churches struggle with weekend snow storms

8:10 PM, Feb 22, 2013   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - These weekend storms have put churches in a tough spot: Some of them will have to decide whether to cancel services for the third Sunday in a row.

At St. Luke's Cathedral in Portland, parishioners gather during Lent to observe the stations of the cross. On this afternoon, getting to the church was easy with blue skies and mild temperatures.

On Sunday, it will likely look more like this as yet another weekend snowstorm is headed to New England. Which means the sermon isn't the only thing Reverend Ben Shambaugh has to worry about. He hasn't cancelled a Sunday service as he wants to make sure anyone who wishes to worship has that opportunity
but the snow has kept some people away from the pews.

Trinity Episcopal Church in Portland is also making adjustments. Father Larry Weeks did cancel services here during the blizzard and expects he'll have to
scale down this Sunday's service.

Mary Strnad says she knows some of her fellow parishioners at St. Luke's are getting tired of fighting through snow to get to church, but she hasn't missed a week yet and doesn't plan on letting this next storm get in her way.

As you might expect, Reverend Shambaugh takes a more spiritual view of the snowy Sundays.

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