Maine's two U.S. Senators visited Bath Iron Works

7:16 PM, Feb 21, 2013   |    comments
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Maine's two U.S. Senators visited Bath Iron Works image courtesy: BIW

BATH, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - In a rare joint appearance, Maine's two U.S. Senators visited Bath Iron Works today to talk about the threat of major budget cuts from the federal government's "sequester" deal between the White House and Congress.


Under that arrangement, the federal budget will be cut by roughly $1 trillion -half of it from defense programs-unless Congress and the President agree on alternative budget reductions. Sen. Susan Collins and Sen. Angus King told reporters they came to BIW to meet with management and workers to discuss the budget threat, and to assure them their Senators are working as hard as possible to help find a compromise solution.

Collins and King said the inability of Congress and the President to reach a compromise on the issues surrounding the sequester threatens key parts of the defense budget. They say that, in turn, is a threat to national security programs and to local economies because of potential job losses.

BIW President Jeff Geiger said the shipyard has enough work right now to keep most of the 5,500 employees on the job through this year. He says the sequester cuts could result in some layoffs. But he says that if there is no action on a long-term budget for the Navy's shipbuilding program, the yard could be forced to make more significant layoffs in the next two or three years, as current projects move to wards completion, and future projects are delayed by lack of funding decisions.

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