New study says Mainers are happy tweeters

7:19 PM, Feb 20, 2013   |    comments
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(NEWS CENTER) - A new study is out about we Mainers and our place in the Twitter-verse... And it has to do with how happy we are... Actually, how happy our tweets are.

A Vermont research group studied more than 80 million words in tweets from around the country sent out in 2011. And they then assigned a score to each word... Ones that had a positive tone -- like beautiful, hope and dinner-- were given a higher numerical value than the more negative words, such as hurt, stupid and bored.

They then performed some complicated mathematic equation and figured out that Maine and Hawaii were second and first in the nation, respectively when it came to the happiest tweets.

Apparently, the bluer the states, the bluer the people... which makes Louisiana and Mississippi the saddest. After Hawaii and Maine, the next happiest states were Nevada, Utah and Vermont.

To read the full study:

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