Army National Guard sends off more soldiers

8:43 PM, Feb 13, 2013   |    comments
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BANGOR, Maine (NEWS CENTER)-- When the call of duty comes for our armed forces it is never easy. A call that has come more than a few times over the years. Many of those deployed have the comfort of knowing that they are heading out with dozens of their fellow soldiers, marines, or airmen.

Wednesday the Army National Guard prepares to bid farewell to a much smaller troop. Eight soldiers will be heading to Afghanistan for nearly a year.

Around fifty people gathered at the Army National Guard center in Bangor. Soldiers, their families, and members of government provided these soldiers with the send off they deserve.

According to Major Michael Steinbuchel, these send offs are important to show support for the troops and to provide them with the comfort that they have a network of people back home.

As the time of deployment approaches the troop faces many emotions.

Sergeant Adam Hall with the Army understands the emotions going through these soldier's minds, "Just the simple fact that you're going to miss your family so much and you're going into the unknown."

Hall completed two tours both in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to him, with every deployment it gets a little easier.

Hall's advice to those facing deployment, look to those around you for support.

Hall said, "Comraderie was the absolute biggest and best friend you could possibly have over there.I've come back with so many friends, friends for life. That's the most number one advice I could give you."

Most of the troops being deployed to Afghanistan have completed multiple tours.

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