A nice day for blizzard cleanup

10:08 AM, Feb 10, 2013   |    comments
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In the age of constant hype via TV, Twitter and Facebook, it's hard for a storm to live up to its billing. However, I think it's safe to say that the Blizzard of 2013 (I refuse to call it Nemo, naming winter storms is dumb) was every bit as intense as anticipated and then some.

A couple of notes about the blizzard, feel free to skip if you aren't into weather: 1) This is the first major storm I've ever seen in such a generally progressive jet stream flow. I was, I admit, skeptical of this storm until Thursday night for that very reason. Sure enough the phasing of the northern and southern storm was just perfectly timed, resulting in a massive snow output 2) It struck how there was no rain/snow line anywhere in the state, not even on the islands off the coast. How often do you see a Nor'easter with no mixed precipitation up here? 3) The EURO model wins again. It was the first to see the storm last weekend and the only not to change track that entire time. HOWEVER, I will say the NAM did a better job hinting at the historic amounts of snow. Still, the NAM pumped out up to 57" of snow and clearly that didn't happen (Good thing, I did NOT want to apologize to Cantore)

OK, onward.

Today: Mostly sunny and pleasant. Light winds and temperatures end up in the upper 20s to low 30s.

Tonight: Mostly clear and chilly. Computer models are spitting out overnight lows in the teens but I think they are having a hard time picking up on the newly fallen, cold (duh) snow pack so I'm going to say 0-12 with temperatures below zero in the mountains.

Monday: A weak warm front will push into the state on Monday morning. Surface temperatures will be cold enough to support snow at the onset, even along the coastline. However the coast and about 30 miles inland will change over to rain fairly quickly as warm air rides in from the southwest. Meanwhile the interior, foothills, mountains and northern Maine will remain snow. Good news is the moisture is relatively limited so snow will remain light to occasionally moderate in intensity. Accumulations will be in the 2-4" range with isolated readings of 5" possible in the high terrain. Timing: Late morning onset, early evening ending. Worthwhile reminder: I make a point not to be the weatherman who gives commands, "Stay home", "Don't drive!", "Bundle up", "Sit, Sit...good boy!" but in this case it's valid. With rain coming into spots along the coast that received over 2 feet of snow you'll want to remove snow from your roof if its sitting up there. Once it rains into the snow it will get MUCH heavier.

Tuesday: Partly sunny with a few mountain flurries. The bigger story is a slight warmup, temperatures should peak in the 40-45 F range.

Wednesday: Mostly sunny and quiet. Highs in the 34-38 F range.

That storm we were watching on Thursday looks like a miss now. Even the EURO agrees so we are just about ready to write it off at this point.

Ok time for a long nap. Blizzard 2013 kicked my butt.

Twitter: @KeithCarsonWCSH

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