Governor orders task force to study domestic violence and guns

7:14 PM, Feb 7, 2013   |    comments
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AUGUSTA, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Governor LePage is taking another step to try to deal with domestic violence.

The Governor visited domestic violence activist groups today at the statehouse. He has spoken out repeatedly about the issue, and he and the Legislature made some changes to the law last year.

Now the Governor has ordered formation of a special task force to find ways to change Maine law so police are able to take guns away from people accused of domestic violence. Activists and police say right now, it's a problem.

South Portland Chief Ed Googins says police answering a domestic violence case can't take any guns unless they were actually used in an assault and are evidence in the crime. Some abuse suspects are ordered by the courts to get rid of any guns in their home, but are allowed to take them to relatives or friends instead, meaning they may still have access to the firearms. And police say they don't have any right to simply search for guns.

The task force of police, attorneys, domestic violence activists and gun owners will study the laws and the history of specific cases to see what changes may be needed.

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