Wardens warn of weak ice

7:09 PM, Feb 5, 2013   |    comments
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GRAY, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- People who want to get out on the ice right now are getting a warning from the Maine Warden Service.

Over the weekend, there were at least 8 cases where people and vehicles went through the ice around the state. No one was hurt, but people lost trucks, ATVs and snowmobiles.

The Warden Service said more people are using the ice because we've had a lot of cold days, and we haven't had much snow. It's easy for people just to drive on from boat launches, and there are more snowmobilers on the ice because they don't have a lot of options. But because temperatures have been so volatile, the ice is not very clear or strong in a lot of spots, so game wardens say it can be deceiving.

Their advice is to talk to local people who know the lakes and ponds well before you get out on them. Ice fishermen are a particularly good resource, as they actually drill down and see how thick the ice is. Corporal John MacDonald with the Warden Service said, "Are people going to go out and snowmobile and ice fish, yes. And we hope they do so. But be very very careful where you go."

Wardens said right now it is not safe for anyone to drive a vehicle on the ice unless they have taken extraordinary precautions.


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