Prostitution case back in hands of trial judge

7:42 PM, Jan 28, 2013   |    comments
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PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - The Maine Supreme Court will hear the State's appeal of a judge's decision to throw out 46 counts in the Mark Strong prostitution trial.

The high court also authorized that judge, Justice Nancy Mills, to decide whether to proceed with the remaining 13 charges or wait until the Supreme Court decides the appeal.

A jury for this case has not yet been finalized. The jury selection process was underway last week when everything came to a screeching halt on Friday.

This was all set in motion when Justice Nancy Mills dismissed 46 invasion of privacy counts against Mark Strong. It was a big blow to the state's case, so the state appealed that decision to the Maine Supreme Court.

The defense then filed a motion to dismiss the state's appeal. It also filed another motion asking that the trial of Strong continue on the remaining 13 charges and a separate trial be held if the high court reinstates the charges that were thrown out.

In Today's developments the high court denied the defense's motion to dismiss the state's appeal, which means the high court will hear that appeal. It also authorized the trial judge to make a decision on whether to separate the pending charges from the dismissed charges and allow Strong's trial to proceed before a decision is reached on the state's appeal.

It's now up to judge Mills whether the trial moves forward or is delayed.



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